Woods in the Library

Lamar Library, Worcester, MA

In early 2019, Nancy Linnehan - a librarian at the Lamar Soutter Library of UMass Medical School (55 Lake Avenue, Worcester, MA) - informed me that the artist selected to exhibit at the library through July and August had pulled out of the agreement. She offered me the time slot and I agreed. Although June 2019 was very busy month with two exhibits happening at the same time - Natura in partnership with Lynn Simmons and Chris King at Sprinkler Factory Gallery, and Healing Fibers which I curate annually - I still jumped on the opportunity to have a solo show in the library.

In July, I brought some of my art and the long vines I had from the Forest Bathing installation in Natura to create Woods in the Library. The idea was for the reader to be transported to sitting in the woods reading a book by the water with lotus flowers swaying by and cranes flying overhead. A humble attempt in bringing outdoor serenity and beauty indoors.