Creative Vision

Bayda's art is inspired by the roles she fulfills. 


"I come from a family of artists and always loved creating. Over the years, I've practiced drawing, Asian Brush painting, Saori Weaving, printmaking, and sculpture. In recent years, I've exhibited across New England. Making art keeps me sane and happy."​


"Being a woman growing in the Middle East, I experienced discrimination and sexism, and I empathized with the poor and the disadvantaged. Since 2014, I've been advocating for disadvantaged groups through my annual forum, Healing Fibers. Each year we address an issue that requires attention. This year's theme was immigration."​


"After years of immersion in Asian art and culture, I developed an interest in Asian gardens. This interest slowly evolved into a passion project: Create a tranquil outdoor space for artists with a variety of Asian horticulture, architecture, and wildlife. To fulfill this vision, I've now recruited a group of professionals who are aiding me in the realization of my dream."

Current & Past Exhibitions:

2020        Migration III, Worcester Art Museum, Worc., MA

2020        Whisper (n), Duo show with Lynn Simmons, Davis Art Gallery, Worc., MA

2019        Golden Rain Triptych the 7th annual ONE, ArtsWorcester, Worc. MA

2019        Migration III, Signals, Sprinkler Factory, Worcester, MA

2019        Solo Exhibit, Lamar Library, UMass Medical School, Worcester MA

2019        Healing Fibers: Unwoven Journeys, Pop-Up Gallery, Worcester, MA

2019        Natura, three-person-exhibit, Sprinkler Factory, Worcester, MA

2019        ‘Gate to Heaven’, ‘Purple Horse’, ‘reflections’  Davis Art Gallery, Worcester, MA

2019        ‘Ahimsa,’ Old Frog Pond, Harvard, MA

2019        ‘Drops of Hope,’ Buddha’s Over Worcester, Boundless Way Temple, Worcester MA

2018        ‘Flute Player’, ‘Blue Mountains’, WAM Faculty exhibit, WAM, Worc., MA

2018        A Bird’s Eye View- A Matter of Perspective, ARTSWorcester, Worc., MA

2018       ‘Backs to the Sea’; ‘Alan Kurdi’s Dream’- Immigrate Emigrate, Assumption College, Worc., MA

2018        Dancing Wrist, Healing Fibers, Sprinkler Factory, Worc., MA

2018        ‘Shawl of Shame’, Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, MA

2018        Remember Me - ‘One’ exhibit for ARTSWorcester, Worc., MA

2018        Blue Buddha - Buddhas Over Worcester, Boundless Way Temple, Worc. MA

2018        Shawl of Shame, members’ exhibit, ARTSWorcester, Worc., MA

2018        ‘Flute Player’, ‘Secret Message’, SRAG group exhibit, JCC, Worc., MA

2017        Damascus Gate: Non/Objective Now exhibit, Davis Art Gallery Worc. MA

2017        Picture Social Justice & Human Rights, Alan Kurdi’s dream of peace (juried), Brookline, MA


2017         Raising Phoenix Saori sculpture, Fiber Arts Studio, Stonington, CT

2016        ‘Flight’, soft cut print, donation to FHC, Worc., MA

2013        Radomes (4 paintings), L3 ESSCO, Ayer, MA



2015         Interview with Olivia Richman, Stonebridge Press, Southbridge, MA

2015         Meet the Artist, workshop and exhibit at Bancroft School, Worc., MA

2014         Purple Horse, (fiber art) , Grafton Fine Art Exhibit, MA 1st Place.

2014         Interview with Mauro DePasqaule, WCCATV13, Worc. MA

2012         Black River (fiber art), Grafton Fine Art Exhibit, Grafton, MA 2nd place.  

2011         Interview with Edlin Ortiz, Charter on Demand, Channel 3, Worc. MA

2011         Frances Kinnicutt Award to study abroad with British artist Lydia Bauman, WAM, MA

2011         Photo: Fluff, Ritmos Art Academy, Worc., MA (Juried), 3rd Place.

2011         Interview with Mauro De Pasquale, Channel 13 WCCA TV13, Worc.,  MA

2011         ‘Nude’, Grafton Fine Art and Music Festival, Grafton, MA (Juried), 2nd place.

2010         ‘Bog Stick’, Grafton Fine Art and Music Festival, Grafton, MA (Juried); 3rd place.

Work Experience:

WAM, Worcester, MA (2009 - present) Artist: Youth & adult art teacher.

UMASS Hospital & Memorial Hospital, Worcester, MA (Jan 2010- present)-Interpreter: Duties include medical interpretation for the Arab community in Worcester and the surrounding area.


"I've always loved to teach a variety of things from ESL to belly dancing. I now focus on educating both children and adults at the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts, where I teach Asian brush painting at all levels."​