I am a Middle Eastern artist who appreciates the visual culture of the Far East. Currently, I teach Asian Brush painting and calligraphy at Worcester Art Museum, in Worcester, MA. I also practice a Japanese style of weaving: Saori. Asian aesthetics of minimalism and simplicity intrigue me.

My approach to art is interdisciplinary; not limited to one field or specialty. I practice crafts, pottery, sculpture, calligraphy, printmaking, painting, and weaving. For example, a traditional Chinese painting could be mounted on wood or on a weaving, weaving can be a piece of sculpture, etc. 

In addition to Asian art, I am interested in making art that calls for social justice. In 2014, I founded Healing Fibers as an annual open platform for local artists, intellectuals, and performers to express themselves with a critical eye on our social, political and cultural issues. The forum has addressed violence against women; violence, neglect, abuse of children; war and peace; Native American human rights; and health care in the US. In 2019 the forum will address immigration issues.

More recently, I am working in partnership with other local artists, exchanging ideas, knowledge, skills, and execution of art in different media including sculpture and film.

 My work has been exhibited in local museums, galleries, and other institutions.

Current & Past Exhibitions:

2021        Worcester Art Museum staff member exhibit, WAM, Worcester, MA

2021        Whimsy, Wish I were a Bamboo,  Qiang Li Jiang Shan Tu II,  Attleboro Museum,  Attleboro, MA

2021        Loom in Essence, member Saori weavers exhibit, The Worcester Craft Center, Worcester, MA

2021        Black Lotus, member exhibit, Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA
2021        Wish I were a Bamboo, 85 th Regional Exhibition of Art & Craft, Fitchburg, MA
2021        Paper Maze, paper sculpture commission, (permanent installation) BoxFort, Natick, MA

2021        Our Backs to the Sea, Collaborative sculpture with L. Simmons, Under the Same Flag - Juried;

              Framingham, MA

2021        Paper Maze, Collaborative sculpture with M. Asbridge, Commission, BoxFort, Natick, MA

2020       Solo, Collaborative sculpture with L. Simmons, Boundless Way Temple, Worc. MA

2020       Senufo Zentangle Queen, Transition, ArtsWorcester, Worc., MA

2020       Whisper (n), Duo show with L. Simmons, Davis Art Gallery, Worc., MA

2019        Drops of Hope stitched, Secret Message II, Davis Art Gallery Worc., MA

2019        Solo Exhibit, Lamar Library, UMass Medical School, Worcester MA

2019        Healing Fibers: Unwoven Journeys, Pop-Up Gallery, Worcester, MA

2019        Natura, three-person-exhibit, Sprinkler Factory, Worcester, MA

2019        Gate to Heaven’, ‘Purple Horse’,  Davis Art Gallery, Worcester, MA

2019        'Ahimsa,’ Collaborative sculpture with L. Simmons Old Frog Pond, Harvard, MA

2019        ‘Drops of Hope,’ Buddha’s Over Worcester, Boundless Way Temple, Worcester MA

2018        ‘Backs to the Sea’; ‘Alan Kurdi’s Dream’- Immigrate Emigrate, Assumption College, Worc., MA

2018        Dancing Wrist, Healing Fibers, Sprinkler Factory, Worc., MA

2018        ‘Shawl of Shame’, Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, MA

2018        Blue Buddha - Buddhas Over Worcester, Boundless Way Temple, Worc. MA

2018        Shawl of Shame, members’ exhibit, ARTSWorcester, Worc., MA

2018        ‘Oceanic’ gyotaku print, Good Press group exhibit, FAM, Fitchburg, MA

2017        Healing Fibers: Indigenous Art & Activism, curator, Sprinkler factory, Worc. MA

2017        Picture Social Justice & Human Rights, Alan Kurdi’s dream of peace (juried), Brookline, MA

2017        Raising Phoenix, Saori weaving sculpture, Fiber Arts Studio, Stonington, CT


2021         'It's A New Day" Fiber Art Now juried exhibition, Excellence in Fibers VII.

2021         Mass Cultural Council Traditional Arts ward in Arabic Calligraphy.

2015         Interview with Olivia Richman, Stonebridge Press, Southbridge, MA

2015         Meet the Artist, workshop and exhibit at Bancroft School, Worc., MA

2014         Purple Horse, (fiber art), Grafton Fine Art Exhibit, MA 1st Place.

2014         Interview with Mauro DePasquale, WCCATV13, Worc. MA

2012         Black River (fiber art), Grafton Fine Art Exhibit, Grafton, MA 2nd place.  

2011          Frances Kinnicutt Award to study abroad with British artist Lydia Bauman, WAM, MA

2010         ‘Bog Stick’, Grafton Fine Art and Music Festival, Grafton, MA (Juried); 3rd place.



Good Press Printmakers, Worcester

Sumi-e Society of America

Attleboro Art Museum, Attleboro, MA
Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, MA
MFA Boston, MA

Work Experience:

WAM, Worcester, MA (2009 - present) Artist: adult art teacher.

UMASS Medical Group , Worcester, MA (Jan 2010- present)-Interpreter: Duties include medical interpretation for the Arab community in Worcester and surrounding area.

Healing Fibers annual art & social activism project, curator and participating artist/ performer, Worc. MA