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Creative Vision

Bayda's art is inspired by the roles she fills. 


 "I come from a family of artists and I've been doing art for as long as I can remember. As a child, I painted large figures on the walls of our little apartment in Kuwait and, strangely, my parents couldn’t have been prouder. In the following years, I proceeded to practice drawing, sketching, clay sculpture. Though my adult years lead me through college and a career, I continued creating art whenever I could. In 2009, I started taking classes in Asian Brush painting with Sharon Smith Viles; Saori (Japanese Weaving) with Mihoko Wakabayshi, printmaking with Randy LeSage, and sculpture with Lynn Simmons. In recent years, I've exhibited in juried and non-juried shows in different galleries and museums in Massachusetts and across New England. Making art in my spiritual path and what keeps me sane and happy.


"From a very young age, I empathized with the poor and the disadvantaged. Being a woman growing in the Middle East, I experienced discrimination and sexism and I fought for the longest time to be treated equally with my male counterpart in my circle. Now that I am in a more privileged place, I still advocate for the disadvantaged groups due to their religion, ethnicity, color or sex. Hence, I created Healing Fibers (www.healingfiberstart.com) in 2014 as an annual forum of visual art, poetry, educational talks, and symposiums. Each year we address an issue that requires attention. This year's theme was immigration."


"After years of immersion in Asian art and culture, I developed an interest in Asian gardens. This interest slowly evolved into a passion project: Create a tranquil outdoor space with a variety of Asian horticulture, architecture, and wildlife. Most importantly, the center will promote Asian art through the cultural center, which will include gallery space, live-in art studios, theater, and more. To fulfill this vision, I've now recruited a group of professionals who are aiding me in the realization of my dream."


"I've always loved to teach a variety of things from ESL to belly dancing. I now focus on educating both children and adults at the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts, where I teach Asian brush painting at all levels."

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