Arabic Calligraphy

In 2018, Mr. Hajj Wafaa ran a course in Arabic calligraphy at Worcester Art Museum; I was the first to sign up. It was a pleasure to go back to my roots and learn how to write my mother tongue artistically. In late 2019, I connected with him again and we began a journey in private tuition via WhatsApp. So far I graduated in Diwani font and moved to Diwani Jali. In February of 2020 we applied for a Mass Culture Traditional Arts grant and in January of this year we were awarded a sum of money that will help me cover my tuition and host an online exhibition in the near future. what an honor!

More to come about this journey...

Wish I were A Bamboo_2021_Arabic Calligr

Wish I Were A Bamboo/ Front

"If only I were like the bamboo tree, free of attachments. We cut off a part of its stalk and plant it, without roots, in any land. It does not take the stalk long to grow new roots. They grow again in a new land without a past, without a memory. It does not care about the different names people call it: kawayan in the Philippines, khayzaran in Kuwait or bamboo in other places."

Wish I were A Bamboo_2021_Asian Brush Pa

Wish I Were A Bamboo / Back

Black Lotus: The Happiness of the lotus flower is born from suffering.

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