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Arabic Caligraphy

In 2018, Mr. Hajj Wafaa ran a course in Arabic calligraphy at Worcester Art Museum; I was the first to sign up. It was a pleasure to go back to my roots and learn how to write my mother tongue artistically. 

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Wish I were A Bamboo_2021_Arabic Calligr

Wish I Were A Bamboo
"If only I were like the bamboo tree, free of attachments. We cut off a part of its stalk and plant it, without roots, in any land. It does not take the stalk long to grow new roots. They grow again in a new land without a past, without a memory. It does not care about the different names people call it: kawayan in the Philippines, khayzaran in Kuwait or bamboo in other places."

Wish I were A Bamboo_2021_Asian Brush Pa

Amber Tears

Amber teardrops

Tug vines in light breeze

Daring to fly

- Poem by Maya Asbridge

دموع عنبرية 
تلعب بين اغصان الكرمة في النسيم
تحلم بالطيران


Black Lotus

The Happiness of the lotus

flower is born from suffering



سعادة اللوتس تولد من المعانة

lotus 6.jpg
lotus 3.JPG
lotus 4.JPG
lotus 1.HEIC

Sighs of Iraq

"I am a tired heart

Just like Jerusalem, just like Damascus

Just like love in the hands of separation

There is unbearable sadness in you

You are the sighs of Iraq."

sighs of Iraqs.PNG
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