Artist Statement

I am a Middle Eastern artist who appreciates the visual culture of the Far East. Currently, I teach Asian Brush painting and calligraphy at Worcester Art Museum, in Worcester, MA. I also practice a Japanese style of weaving: Saori. Asian aesthetics of minimalism and simplicity intrigue me.

My approach to art is interdisciplinary; not limited to one field or specialty. I practice crafts, pottery, sculpture, calligraphy, printmaking, painting, and weaving. For example, a traditional Chinese painting could be mounted on wood or on a weaving, weaving can be a piece of sculpture, etc. 

In addition to Asian art, I am interested in making art that calls for social justice. In 2014, I founded Healing Fibers as an annual open platform for local artists, intellectuals, and performers to express themselves with a critical eye on our social, political and cultural issues. The forum has addressed violence against women; violence, neglect, abuse of children; war and peace; Native American human rights; and health care in the US. In 2019 the forum will address immigration issues.

More recently, I am working in partnership with other local artists, exchanging ideas, knowledge, skills, and execution of art in different media including sculpture and film.

 My work has been exhibited in local museums, galleries, and other institutions.